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Edward Dick Concert
2003 EVD Concert
EVD Koa Tenor
Tom Crump Tenor Ukulele
Tom Crump Tenor
The firm is based in Denver, Colorado and the owner, Edward V. Dick has been working as a luthier since 1975. He is largely self taught and originally from Canada, moving to Denver in 1995. He specialises in Guitars under the branding Victor, (his middle name), and Banjolas plus other chordophones, including a few Ukuleles, under the branding EVD Instruments, (there use to be a website for this, here is a link to the Wayback site), but this may no longer be going now? He may have used different brand names when he was based in Canada?

As well as the instrument manufacturing he also has a physical shop where he sells his own and other instruments, and he runs the Colorado School of Luthiery

Victor Guitars has expanded over the years and now employs 3 other luthiers, (all trained at the Colorado School of Luthiery) the first of which was Tom Crump who started in 2010 and who sells the chordophones he makes through the shop but his instruments go under his own name.

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