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Imua Tenor Ukulele
Imua Tenor
Winkler Woods is a lumber company that claim to have been founded in the 1800's in Northern California. In the early 1970's they stated working as a lumber company on the Hawaiian Islands and by 2001 they had become a major international supplier of koa. In 2003 Winkler Woods LLC was actually formed and its primary business was to supply koa to luthiers worldwide. By 2005 they had realised, (like the Hawaiian Mahogany Co. before them), that it made sense to cut out the "middle man" as it were, and to go into production themselves, first with Big Island Ukuleles and then with Honu Ukuleles. The Ukuleles themselves were actually made in Vietnam but the wood was suppose to be supplied by Winkler


In 2012 they brought out a third range of Ukuleles called Imua, (with an Abalone I on the headstock). This time though the instruments are actually made in a factory in Honolulu, Hawaii. The catalogue consists of Soprano, Concert and Tenor models, all koa, (or curly koa), and the factory was set up in conjunction with Shinji Takahashi and his Seilen design company

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